User Permissions: Which Role do I assign?

User Permissions: Which Role do I assign?
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Here is the basic breakdown of each Role you can assign a user.

  • Owner / Admin - full access to all teams.
  • Manager - only access to the teams they are a member of, and can only see their Feedback Convos. Plus they can still invite people. Most users fall here.
  • Managee - same as Manager but cannot edit the VTO, AC or Process. This user also cannot create or add measurables to Scorecards.
  • Observer - View only access of the teams you put them on. No permissions in the Feedback section.

​And here is an article that goes into more detail:


When deciding the permissions of your users, there are a couple things to consider:

  1. Do you have a “Same Page” team set up? If so, you probably want the Visionary/Integrator to be owners, and other team members will be Managers or below so they cannot see the content in the same page meeting.
  2. Should your users be able to invite others? If so, they should be a Manager or above.
  3. Should your user be able to create/add measurables? If so they should be Manager or above.


What do we see a lot of teams doing? Having a couple key users set up as Owner / Admin, and then majority of the company falls in Manager or below roles. If your company is not worried about privacy in a same page meeting, you could have all Leadership members as Owner/Admin.



Remember: The Team or Role that are assigned on the User Settings is not connected to the Accountability Chart at all! No permissions are given to a user based on where they sit on the AC, only through the teams and role on the Directory page.

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