DASH Mockups - Building Dashboards

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Dashboards are coming soon! The team is looking for a June 2020 Beta launch for the product. Interested in joining the Beta program?

Request to join our DASH Beta Group!



How will Dash work?

You will be able to build multiple Dashboards, and each Dashboard is comprised of multiple Charts.


Each Chart is completely editable so you can filter for teams, users, time frames and more.


For the initial Beta version, Charts can be built for Rocks, To-dos, Issues and Scorecards. 


We are working on charts for Feedback, Process, AC and V/TO™️ as well!

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The link to join didn't work for me

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Just fixed that! Need to go through and update a couple links. 


We just had a meeting internally today to go through some more of the details so we are getting very close! 

Okay, now I see! Its in beta! Is this close to being rolled out? 

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So close @CSNRV! Could be this week or early next. I mainly need to finalize some training details, but still happy to get anyone access now.

I have not received a link to add to Ninety.io, is there something else I need to do?