Why are we building DASH?

Why are we building DASH?
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Dashboards have always been in our vision, and here is why!

  1. Our obsession. We are obsessed with helping you capture data AND making data one of your super powers.

  2. Everyone wants data. Research reveals that every one of our stakeholders craves data.

  3. Trust and transparency. Data increases trust. Trust is an essential ingredient for a healthy relationship; b) transparency is essential for trust; and c) healthy, high trust, cultures materially out-perform low trust cultures.


Dash will make it easy for you to:  

  1. Display your data in visually informative ways 

  2. Create customized dashboards

  3. Share non-data information like:

    1. your colleague directory / profiles

    2. Cascading messages 

    3. Company calendar and your upcoming events

    4. Pictures from a recent outing

    5. Scroll your core values

    6. Scroll cool quotes 

    7. Job postings


Ultimately, DASH is here to help you strengthen your company culture.


Our big hope is that you will leverage Dash to strengthen the health of your company by using it to: 

  1. Show Appreciation 

  2. Display and celebrate Agreements

  3. Make it easier to truly give people the Autonomy they crave

  4. Display the Authenticity of your company

  5. Celebrate new skill badges 

  6. Elevate the level of Openness 

  7. Show Compassion

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Sign me up for the Beta!

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@bkcase great! Don’t forget to join the group here. We are launching tonight and I did sign you up.