Ability for multiple people to join a meeting

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Right now, one person starts the meeting and then shares their screen on the video conferencing platform of the client’s choice. 

Ninety plans to allow for multiple people to join a meeting so it can work more like a google doc where multiple people are editing and you can see where users are making changes. 

This will first be used in the meetings tool, and eventually replicated to the other tools in the platform to allow for easy collaboration.

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Any updates on the timing of this? My leadership team wants to be able to help prioritize the issues list when we get to that part of the meeting. 

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@VIntegrator currently in progress! We are doing a couple things: 

  • Join existing meeting button for users on team, once one user has started a meeting

  • See other users in meeting in top header

  • Once field is edited and saved (on rocks, todos, meeting rating, etc.) show changes to all other users in the meeting immediately

  • Any user has ability to end meeting for all when “finish” is selected

  • Add an issue voting - each user can choose 3 issues, and one with most votes goes to the top.

With the team currently in the middle of dev work we are on track for a before end of year release.

what is the status of this feature?

We absolutely need this as an implementer. We want to train and observe others running the meeting and how they are picking up the methodology and tool.

Also with all this remote working, sometimes video conferences are not available. Many team members just want to follow along with a conference call line.

Would love to be a part of any Beta test on this feature.

Just a heads up. We just had our first Leadership L10 using the Sharing Screen option. People were so unhappy it would be a reason to go back to Traction Tools. 

Note taking, Rock Review, and creating new To-Dos was difficult. The worst was having to shout out our scores for the meeting at the end.

Yes, we definitely want everyone to be able to participate in the L10. We’re coming over from Traction Tools and this is one thing that is handled very smoothly. I assume you’ve seen their software to see how their L10s work.

This will be great - We've found the current limitations around note taking challenging - only the person who starts the meeting can take notes.