Ability to 'ABC' Sort for the List of People in Rating a Meeting

  • 8 April 2021
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I like the option to randomize the list of people in rating a meeting, but I’d also find it very helpful to have an ABC option - to alphabetically order the list. 

  • I understand we don’t want to have it in Alphabetical order each time we hit the page - to help prevent asking folks the rating in the same order every meeting.
  • But, as a facilitator/scribe, it’s much easier to ask out of order verbally, but hit ABC sort to help make it easier to enter the ratings during the meeting.
  • Otherwise, each time someone says a rating, you have to visually look through to find a name - taking more time on every entry than needed.
  • Could have the button switch out - so that when you first load the ratings page, it’s already randomized, you click ABC to sort to alphabetical order and when you click that the button changes to Random - that way it’s clean and just one button allowing you to switch between both options.

I know this is on the radar, but just adding for community thoughts and feedback :)

0 replies

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