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We are standing up a dev team dedicated to APIs. What integrations do you want to see?


We are looking to cover 3 main areas (first).

  1. Data - automatically pulling in data to load scorecard metrics
  2. People - automatically adding a new employee / details to your directory
  3. To-dos/Rocks - pushing/pulling data from other task management systems


Here are the basic ones I get a lot of feedback on! 

  • Google (for directory purposes, and Google Drive)
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Office 365
  • Quickbooks
  • Zero
  • Asana
  • Trello
  • BrightGauge
  • Zoom 
  • Slack
  • LinkedIn - for auto-filling in directory data


Please share your thoughts in the comments! 

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Slack, Brightgauge, and email notification!


Slack and Office 365

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A well done Zapier integration would cover a large number of use cases.


Chrome plugin to capture personal to-dos or send from gmail.

Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365 (used to be O365), Nutshell (for CRM purposes, unless the CRM/Pipeline will be quite robust), Customization to integrate with our website, and lastly  -- Microsoft NAVISION (would be most helpful for tracking Margin, Revenue, open sales orders, etc.). 

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In addition to the ability to integrate with other apps, if by APIs you also mean providing APIs so we can programmatically push our data (Scorecard, other) into the system….that would be awesome!  Currently our scorecard is 95% automated, but then it has to be manually entered into your system.

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@davelokos that is what we are planning! We really want to be able to fill in those scorecard metrics for you, so a part of the question here is, where should those scorecard metrics pull from? 


Thanks to all that have sent suggestions! We are going to work on some aspects of our open API first so that anyone can build an integration, and then we will start targeting specific integrations directly with products mentioned here.

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Thanks Christine!  If you need beta testers on the API, sign me up!

Teamwork Projects to create tasks from todos. This could be solved with the Zapier integration though.

Other use cases for API:

  • Add new sales from CRM create a headline in Ninety
  • Complete Ninety todos when tasks are completed in project management system


Webhooks so when issues/todos/headlines are created/discussed/solved other tools can be updated. Some use cases for webhooks I can see include:

  • Complete a task in project management tool when a todo in Ninety is completed
  • When a meeting is completed grab the meeting score and add it to the scorecard

I am also up to be a beta tester.

We have been using todoist before starting Ninety, and we liked the reminders, etc., reoccurring tasks, reminders. If you are going to integrate with Google (Gmail, calendar), then the tasks, events, and options should be an easy addition to that. I believe that it will cure a lot of things on google integration. Using API’s will be a major asset to your system's usefulness and help us stay on track, reduce redundancies and wasted time. Thanks, and I am also very interested in assisting with being a beta tester!!