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We are standing up a dev team dedicated to APIs. What integrations do you want to see?


We are looking to cover 3 main areas (first).

  1. Data - automatically pulling in data to load scorecard metrics
  2. People - automatically adding a new employee / details to your directory
  3. To-dos/Rocks - pushing/pulling data from other task management systems


Here are the basic ones I get a lot of feedback on! 

  • Google (for directory purposes, and Google Drive)
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Office 365
  • Quickbooks
  • Zero
  • Asana
  • Trello
  • BrightGauge
  • Zoom 
  • Slack
  • LinkedIn - for auto-filling in directory data


Please share your thoughts in the comments! 

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Having an API to push scorecard metrics in should be the absolute top priority, business operations are all about automation.  Secondly would be calendar based integration for meetings.

With this being the first time leveraging an API for third party integrations, I think the low hanging fruit would be connection to Zapier since this opens the doors to everything this provider already has in place.


With that said, I’d love the ability to integrate directly to the Microsoft O365 environment: ToDo, Planner, Power Apps in particular. The issue we are struggling with now is that with every employee using (hooray!), we are seeing process fragmentation and overall inefficiencies of tracking tasks in this platform while everything not relative to Rocks or Issues is tracked in O365. This means that along with managing day to day tasks and projects through ToDo and Planner, our team also has to jump into and manage another set of to do’s.

I would be great if we could have bidirectional communication to ToDo and Planner to satisfy the following use cases:

  • Any new tasks in write to ToDo/Planner
  • Updates to tasks in write to ToDo/Planner if a task is edited or completed in the former
  • Tasks living in that have been synced to ToDo/Planner can be marked complete in the latter and will be updated accordingly

Love the Zaper integration! That would probably be enough for me. But just in case they make it a premium offer, I would love to see a direct integration with Google Sheets. That is currently where we report all our metrics. It is duplicative for us to update in Sheets and then in to ninety and would save my teams so much time combined. 

We would love to see a direct integration with Smartsheet…! :relaxed::thumbsup_tone2:


We utilize Clickup for task/project management. As others, I would love to be able to work with issues/to-dos/rocks in Clickup because it is far more robust in features for such work. Clickup has pretty good integration with Integromat (similar to Zapier, but nicer/cleaner/easier). Would be great to see that integration come to light, either directly to Clickup if possible, or via Integromat if that is easier.


API or Microsoft Teams App or Interface would be very helpful.

Slack, Brightgauge, and Trello

Are you at the point where you can give a date on the API being available?

Could we have an update on the timeline and progress on this? It’s been a year since this thread was started. The last update was over six months ago saying it would be the following quarter. We will only be using tools that integrate with our pieces of our tech stack in 2022. 

API with Zoho Connect. Also, Zapier would be a good shortcut

I would love API and/or Zapier access when its available.   


Outside of that, our organization uses ToDoIst heavily so a native integration would be lovely there.

Thanks Christine!  If you need beta testers on the API, sign me up!

me too me too

Setting up operations for my company. Looking for that asana integration (API). How this coming?

Hi All. Great news: we have built a basic Zapier integration and are looking for people to use it and provide feedback.


You can officially accept the invite to access Ninety in Zapier here.


Try it out and let us know what other actions/triggers you’d like to see!