Archive Personal To-Dos from My 90 page

  • 18 January 2021
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It would be great to have the ability to archive completed personal to-dos from the My 90 page. 

The To-Dos page has the ability to Archive All Completed, but it’s scoped to the currently-selected team. My 90 shows all assigned team and personal to-dos, but there’s no apparent way to bulk-manage personal to-dos. 

This would provide more usability for encouraging my team to use My 90 and personal to-dos for all to-dos, and thus consolidate to-dos into one platform instead of using Ninety for team to-dos, Microsoft To To/tasks/etc. for other personal to-dos.

4 replies


I agree, though after a number of todos are added I’ve still found I must use Microsoft To Do in order to be able to set up the My Day view to focus on just the items I need to accomplish in a given day, and to have dates mean a lot more--Ninety doesn’t seem to allow sorting by date either, or allow sub-tasks for lightweight multi-step items.

I might be late the party, but when I right click, I’m able to archive personal to dos.  Hope this helps someone.


I agree you can archive one at a time by right-clicking, but if you complete a bunch of personal todos, I’d like to archive all at once from the My 90 page and not one at a time, which is how I read this request and is mine as well.

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Hey all! We now have a archive all button on the todos area on the My 90 page! This should help with the bulk archiving of your personal to-dos.Let me know if you have any feedback!