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On the scorecard, @David Larson - EOS Implementer suggested having a daily goal. Below the thought:

It would also be great to have the ability to have DAILY goals for the scorecard.  This is perfect for DAILY HUDDLE which EOS recommends for companies that are in crisis situations like some are under this pandemic.


Curious to get some more feedback and hear from others that may use a feature like this!


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I would agree with this. There are some areas within advertising/spending and technology that we need to look at figures daily. 

The lower you go in an organization the more important that a Daily Scorecard becomes.

@Christine  -Any updates on this that anyone is aware. Daily Data is important, so it would be nice for Ninety to handle it vs another solution. 

yes be great to have a fast pace daily meeting in here that teams can run fast to discuss daily KPI’s and plan for the day to get everything done

We do daily huddles today. It would be nice to document.