Data sort and filter.

  • 27 July 2020
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I would find it efficient if I were able to sort and/or filter data/measureables by either seat and owner. This way I can make sure sure that no one is overloaded, overlooked and accountable. 

Also, if I were able to click inside the measureable information to be able to quickly apply the same measureable to weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual, rather than repeat the whole process for each milestone. 

2 replies

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Also, as an integrator, I would like to view all measurables/data in a directory and to be able to view them and pre-populate them easily in a spreadsheet format with columns: 

  • Title
  • Owner
  • Seat
  • Team (select)
  • Weekly (select yes/no)
  • Monthly (select yes/no)
  • Quarterly (select yes/no)
  • Annual (select yes/no)
  • Weekly (figure)
  • Monthly (figure)
  • Quarterly (figure)
  • Annual (figure)
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Love this! On the roadmap is creating an “All Measurables” tab on the data page that has everything listed and you can filter by person, type, team, goal, above or under target, seat or interval (weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual). Eventually we even want you to give you all of your data available in a way. For example going to a global search area and say “Christine” and “Last Quarter” and that would pull up any content in the certain time frame that I owned (or maybe even created).


I think that sounds like it lines up with what you are looking for. Any feedback?


I think the second half of what you wrote is speaking to being able to easily upload info. Right? We do have an upload template, but right now a client has to fill out and send to us. We plan on making that available to be client facing so you dont have to go through our team. Would that address your second question?