Notifications When Someone Comments, etc.

  • 5 April 2021
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I think it would be amazing to receive notifications as someone comments on any issues, to-dos, rocks, headlines, etc that you are assigned to. That way you can remain current as new information comes in.

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I LOVE this idea and is very much needed! This is a huge drawback for us as we are currently just testing the platform. 

I also think having the ability to tag people and have one place (inbox) for notifications is key as well. Let’s say I have a to-do/Rock and I make a comment or update, anyone I tag or is marked as a contributor gets notified.

For those familiar with Asana, the “Inbox” feature is basically what I am referring to. This gives you one place to look to see what is going on in the business that you are a part of up to the second. You can quickly respond to comments and keep things on track and moving quickly. Great to be able to see what progress is being made, what simple issues pop up, what people are working on. Great for managing and accountability.

This would keep people up to date immediately. The only option here is to physically go to each to do/Rock to see if there is a comment or wait till the level 10 meeting. Either option in my opinion is too late or too time-consuming.

We are loving the platform but this one thing is holding us back from making the move :/