Prioritization Method during L10 Meeting

  • 18 September 2020
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When I self implemented EOS with my first company we implemented a prioritization technique for our Issues list during our Level 10 meetings (this was before I started using  Each team member (of which there were 7) ranks their top 3 issues.  Then, using Excel at the time, I’d simply sort the items according to which ones had the most votes (7 to 0).  I found this a very quick and simple way to prioritize.  Not sure how others accomplish the prioritization but would appreciate any feedback regarding whether you would value having some type of additional method built into the L10 meeting.

6 replies

Our entire team really likes the voting method. Traction has this feature for IDS and it would be wonderful if this is an option that Ninety can provide.

Goodness yes this is a great idea!!


Great idea, saves wasting time selecting which issues to IDS

We need this! Ranking, or some ability to prioritize by DIE would be amazing. Much like Dave, we self-implemented in Google Sheets, and then discovered Ninety, but we still have our Issues in Google so e can rank them to know which ones are the most pressing.

I agree

Please consider implementing this! It would be SO beneficial to have a DIE ( to prioritize Issue discussion so the most impactful things are addressed first.