Quarterly Rock Setting - keep/kill/combine

  • 26 June 2020
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It would be amazing if there was a tool for during quarterly meetings when you do rock setting to be able to keep/kill/combine directly off the long term issue list for the department

3 replies

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awesome! Keep and kill are almost there by default by not removing from list or clicking delete/archive. 


Would adding a combine function that allowed you to merge two issues into one solve this need for you?

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When rock setting - Kill is often used for ‘not priority this quarter’ which means it needs organized as not being considered for current rocks, but still on the list.


Combine - merging two issues, would be great functionality.

I agree that Combine would be helpful.  Sometime it is hard to see all of the Issues on the list in a Quarterly or Annual meeting, so making it easier to see them all at the same time would really help as well.