Use three colors (Green, Yellow, Red) for 3 Data ranges in Scorecard, instead of 2 ("greater than" or "less than" -- red or green). Example in description.

  • 28 June 2020
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If three colors were effective for Allan Mulally, maybe we can make a tweak :grinning:

Here would be an example ...

Data (Scorecard)

Title: Customer Acquisition Cost

Less than $60 = Green (Good to go!)

$60-80 = Yellow (monitor, but may or may not require IDS)

Greater than $80 = Red (Emergency, group attention needed, definitely IDS)

2 replies

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I think this is a really interesting idea for being able to customize the “status” of the measurable based on your company’s preference! Curious if anyone else has thoughts? 

Christine,  I think something like this would be useful too.  We monitor our customers according to a few factors, and would love to see “green, yellow, and red” being indicators.