Are you prepared for a great 2021?

  • 6 October 2020
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I guest hosted an Integrator Power hour this past Monday and as a group we IDS’d on people issues and related tools as we head into Quarterly/Annuals.  There were 3 points

1) Accountability Chart: Is this the right structure for the next 6-12 months? Do we have 1-3 metrics per seat?


2) People Analyzer:  Do we have all the right people in the right seats? Are we having our quarterly conversations?


3) GWC:  Focus on capacity in the form of time.  There maybe an opportunity to leverage Delegate & Elevate?

We had great experience share and a few ah ha’s.  One of the more significant shared issues were supervisors and managers not completing their quarterly conversations.  This led to a great LMA dialogue.


If there is interest in this group, I would be happy to facilitate a monthly Integrator IDS session.  Please let me know.

1 reply

hello!!! I am new to EOS and I am seeking community. One of our biggest challenges right now is building scorecards. I would love some best practices around this. Happy to connect with peers.