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When releasing a new product, 90 has always gone through a process in order to uncover bugs and work on UX/UI in order to get it right when launched to the entire user base.

  1. ALPHA: First, a new product or feature is released to Alpha. This is where our internal team will test the product/feature and provide the development team feedback.
  2. BETA: Next, the product/feature goes to our Beta Users. This is a select invite only group of around 100 companies that will test and provide feedback to Client Success.
  3. PROD: Finally, the product/feature is released to the entire user base and feedback is continually encouraged! 

A goal of the 90 Product Team is to roll out one new feature each month (check out 90’s SMaC to learn more about what drives development).


We rely heavily on the feedback of our Beta users to first test our product/feature launches for a couple weeks before they are released to the entire user base. This is an invite only group of users and are asked to be engaged with our Client Success team in providing feedback so that we can improve before the launch to all. 


We aim to have beta users in different industries, across functions, etc. in order to get a range of feedback. Different aspects are important to different people, so the more diverse, the better! 


If you are interested in joining this group of exclusive users and beta testing 90’s new products, request to be in one of the following groups:


Becoming a Beta User affects your entire Company. Meaning this is something your entire company will opt into. 


What you can expect when you join:

  1. You will be added to the Community Group of 90 Beta Users.
  2. Each time a new product is launched to beta, your entire company will get an email and a post will be sent to the Beta User Group.
  3. Any of your company’s users can access the Community to post feedback in the Beta Users Group.


With the launch of additional ToolsHub products, there will be individual Beta User Groups for each of the Products!

More details about the specific user groups will be posted as additional tools (after Dashboard) are ready.

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