User Advisory Boards

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In order to have well rounded, thought through products, we need the help of people who are going to be diving in and using them on a day to day basis. 


Of course our team uses and loves each product we create, but the process of creating would be impossible without the feedback of outside stakeholders.


Advisory Boards will be used for each product, and users will be selected in order to make sure we are covering different functions, industries, etc. for complementary talents and experiences.


Write a comment if you are interested in joining an Advisory Board for any of the following:

  1. 90 Advisory Board: our EOS®️ Licensed Software
  2. Dashboard Advisory Board: A analytics and reporting add on to 90. This will be ToolsHub’s first product to launch.
  3. API Advisory Board: How 90 and ToolsHub will use APIs to integrate with external software you already use.


These groups are limited to 15 users in order to create a high level of engagement. If not selected, opportunities to be involved in new development through a User Beta Program are still available! 

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Is there any way to join the user beta program still? When I clicked on the link it took me to a  “This page is currently unavailable” screen. Also I’m definitely interested in joining the API Advisory Board if there is still room. 

I’d be interested in all 3 as well

Hey, @Christine! I’d be interested in all 3 Advisory Boards.