What user groups do you want to see in the community?

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This community is meant to be a place where you can connect with like-minded individuals to share, teach, and learn. 


What groups would you like us to create in this community?


Right now we have 3 public groups for:

Self Implementers




Do you want a group for companies with over 100 employees? Specific industry groups? You tell us who you want to connect with!

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Anyone out there in a Restaurant Group? I have a user that is looking to connect and I thought it might be a good opportunity to create a group for that vertical. 



“We have started with implementation of EOS but we are at the very beginning of the implementation. Using this app will help us to practice EOS. ...It would be great if I could see Rocks for other restaurants, what measurables they are using and how this app actually help them to be more efficient.”


Anyone else interested in joining a group to collaborate with other food service / restaurant groups?

Hi Christine - Ninety is a great scaffold and is idea because it can scale to any size organization.  What’s missing is an HR or People User Group where HR Directors can share best practices and solutions without having to bug you - and they also could be a great resource for beta testing or ideation.