Using Ninety with Implementor?

  • 18 November 2020
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So we are 2 months into Eos and a month into Ninety and we had our first coaching session with a new coach yesterday. I was adding notes to ninety and he was going to be sending some documents over so I was going to add a todo as a reminder for getting those. However I am unable to do so due to having him set up as implementor.

Can anyone share their feedback for using this system with your implementor? 

Havent found any training videos or documents on how this is expected to happen within 90. If we don't use 90 for our coaching sessions with the implementors then we are having to do so via other means and that just doesn't make sense! 

Look forward to some help with this. The only way I know to work around this is by making him a user and not an implementor, however I would like to know the best practice for this and the original intent so I don't make a work around and find out later it should have been done another way. 

Thanks for your help, Mike. 

4 replies

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Good question! Maybe someone else wants to provide additional insight, but usually companies will invite their implementer with these instructions, then they can get free access to the account with complete edit permissions. 


Then you are right, you cannot assign them todos, but they usually go in and print PDFs as needed, or they can just run your sessions straight from the system without needing to print (using the different meeting types).

Hi @CSNRV I was wondering if  your EOSI is set up as an Observer rather than an Implementer?  The Observer has read only permissions.  The Implementer role will allow your EOSI to participate in meetings, and create, edit, and delegate all content throughout your platform; however, they cannot own content.  This is to ensure your EOSI maintains the coach/consultant perspective.  They can weigh in on the important decisions, but not assume responsibilities you or your teammates should be tackling.   

I would love to hear how other users are utilizing their EOSI within 90. 

Yes, the implementor is set up correctly and is not just an observer. The issues lie with anytime our coach (your implementor), maybe sending you some information, is going to follow up on some information, or anything that they may be doing on their end to assist with your business. You are unable to add a todo showing that they are going to do that! Maybe they are going to review your p/l, financials, or other task and give feedback! However, there is no way to assign that todo! Maybe EOS isn't supposed to operate in that manner? Being able to do so just allows us to make the notes, add the todos and at least know they are agreeing to do so and provide us whatever it is. They arent actually working as an owner or member of a team within the company, however, they are bringing that outside leadership to us. 

Looking forward to everyone's thoughts, Thanks. 



I appreciate your feedback and clarification.  The Implementer Role within 90 follows EOS pure guidelines.  As you know, EOS Implementers coach your organization on EOS concepts and help with adoption.  However, they are not supposed to assume responsibility within the company.  Assigning To-Do’s (or any other type of task within your company) is beyond the scope of a pure EOSI.  


A solution within pure EOS principles is creating an Issue out of the content you want reviewed and discussing it in your next meeting.