3- strike rule

  • 4 August 2020
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Is it possible to add something to the feedback tab about the 3-strike rule?  This way, if we need to utilize the 3 strike rule with an employee, we can do it within 90?   

2 replies

@Mddawson13 I completely agree! I was instructed to use the Annual Conversation agenda when I spoke with support.


@Christine is this something on the horizon?

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@KennyLange and @Mddawson13 agree as well! 


Annual conversation is a great solution for now, and we did just add the ability for a quarterly conversation to be “formal” which allows for the feedback meeting, and seeing each parties response to happen there as well. 


Hoping to get an actual 3 Strike Rule option in there Q1 2020 after a couple more Feedback updates we will make this quarter.