Community has launched!

Community has launched!
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Ok, so it’s finally here...drumroll please...🥁

You can find a link to our brand spanking new community here, make sure to refer your colleagues as well!

You should see our new community as a one stop shop to interact with your fellow ToolsHub and 90 users and collaborate on shared interest and opportunity. Can’t find an answer? Simply post a question on the community! Of course, if you still want to contact our support team we have the live chat in the bottom right corner!

Everyone has their own profile on the community, and can vote on ideas and suggestions.  
We even have a points leaderboard too, so look out in case your name appears there. We will be giving points to the users who answer the most questions on the community, are the most active and post the most popular requests in the ideation section. We can also reward badges to our users…so keep an eye out for that too. 

That’s it for now! Any questions...ask the community! 

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