Core Strengths Lens, V/TO in Display mode, and more!

  • 19 October 2020
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New Features  

  • All charts now have a look, feel and design so we can offer more detailed customizations in the future.
  • Share Dashboards with other users (view only is only option available when sharing). Sharing with edit permissions will be added in the future.
  • Date and Currency formatting that is chosen in settings is used in on your charts and throughout Dashboards.
  • Company average available on some charts - this can be turned on or off on each chart where it is available.
  • Accountability Chart available in Display Mode
  • All VTO sections available in Display Mode


New Charts

  • Core Strengths Lens
    • See all of your teams based on the Core Strengths your business needs to succeed. Those are: Weekly Measurables On Track, Rocks On Track or Done, To-do’s Done, Organizational Checkup Score, LMA, and RPRS.
  • Organizational Checkup Chart in a bar chart, coming soon to a radial display.
  • Scorecard Heat Map to see red vs. green for each scorecard by measurable.
  • The Rocks Completed vs. Incomplete chart has changed from column bar to Stacked Bar.
    • This change will also occur to 


UI/UX Updates

  • Manager and Managee roles in Ninety are now able to see data across all the teams they are on instead of just filtering for their own content.
  • Save & Exit buttons in a better spot
  • Measurable ID changed to Measurable Title

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