Introducing ToolsHub & The Community

  • 10 May 2020
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Introducing ToolsHub & The Community
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ToolsHub is the second product of Humalytix (HLTX). HLTX’s first company is Ninety, Software for EOS®️!


ToolsHub is a provider of enterprise building and awareness tools designed specifically for small and midsize enterprises already running on EOS and 90. 


Every ToolsHub tool is being designed to complement your tools.


Rather watch than read? Watch the virtual event where we talk about who we are, why we do what we do, and announce ToolsHub.



All tools will be dedicated to creating a better life for your teams and people. Eventually you will be able to look at your teams based on the categories below to know exactly what is performing.



The first tool to be launched is DASH! DASH (short for Dashboard) can be learned more about here


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Interesting. Is this a supplement to Ninety or something completely different?

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@bkcase It is a supplement to Ninety! So Dash for example takes all of the data that you are tracking in Ninety, and helps build reporting and visualizations. All ToolsHub additions will completely integrate with Ninety and complement those EOS® Tools!