Q2 90 Product Roadmap

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What we have launched Q2 2020 (this quarter) so far:

  • Virtual Meetings Tool: Quarterly Meetings
  • VTO Archiving / Sharing
  • Accountability Chart Top Seat
  • My 90 Charts
  • Directory: Easier Invite & User Settings moved
  • Updated Billing: Annual Subscriptions available


And there is still more to come! We are looking to finish out the quarter with a couple more enhancements for you:

  • Meetings: Custom meeting agenda, Annual Meetings and an “Other” Meetings option
  • Billing: paying for multiple companies
  • AC: duplicate a seat & Moving roles to other seats


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And remember to keep us updated with all of the things you want to see in the future by submitting feature requests and ideas here.

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Will you guys be posting the Q3 and Q4 Product Roadmaps as well or are those in the newsletter? 



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Yes! I need to go do that now! Sorry for the delay

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I’m assuming by “Quarterly Meetings Tool” you are creating an agenda that includes all of the items reviewed in a quarterly pulse--virtually everything in Ninety. Correct? That would be awesome.