Q3 Product Roadmap

  • 3 September 2020
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Here is what we have launched this Quarter so far! 

  • Quarterly & Annual Scorecard Tracking
    • Default Quarterly Measurables to help your teams know what to track.
    • Show/hide current week/month/quarter/year
    • Choose the type of measurable you are creating from the V/TO™.
  • Ability to make the Accountability Chart private for non-Leadership team members
  • User Settings Options
    • saving pin up/down sidebar
    • set a Default Team
    • saving My 90 Chart and filter preferences automatically
  • EOS Implementer Role to give an EOSI free edit access to your account.
  • Virtual Meeting Tools
    • Focus Day
    • Vision Building Day 1
    • Vision Building Day 2
  • Meeting Customizations
    • View Another Tool while in a meeting from any section
    • Add a custom section with an iframe URL to view any external pages in the meeting.


You can see information on this and all of our releases on the 90 Product Updates blog.


And here’s what we have planned to come out throughout the rest of the Quarter!

  • International User Options:
    • Date formatting
    • Currency formatting
    • Directory address entry for any country
  • Duplicate an Accountability Chart Seat
  • Auto-archive To-dos, Issues and Headlines at the end of a Meeting
  • Quarterly Conversations
    • Send a notification when a conversation is scheduled.
    • Make a Quarterly “formal” to allow for a feedback meeting and viewing details.
    • Refresh option on Rocks to pull in new rocks or update statuses after the meeting has been created.


More is being worked on, just not ready for launch! A huge effort is being made around our Scorecard right now and we are looking to Make Data your Superpower!


What else would you like to see? Would love feedback!

4 replies

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@JDamien Sorry I was late here! I am personally working a lot on how to organize the roadmap effectively so going to be getting better and better with this.

Awesome, excited to see what all you guys have coming!

I’d love to see a few things:

  • Percentage To-dos completed per L10 (so we know if we hit the 90% mark)
  • The ability to “combine” Issues when we run through Keep, Kill, Combine
  • In the Quarterly Meeting, it would be helpful to have info on each Tool in the Toolbox via clickthrough and/or hyperlinks to PDFs, videos, one-pagers
  • Notifications trigger for Cascading Messages to inform team members
  • In-app notifications (like a bell icon with an orange dot in the upper right corner)
  • Different permissions per team (ex: Admin on Ops Team, Member on SLT)
  • Scorecard numbers can be auto-scaled to longer/shorter frequencies (ex: I need to close 4 deals per month, so when looking at the weekly tab it’ll show 1 deal) (it’d be an option to toggle)
  • eSignatures for Annual Conversations so that the “Boss” isn’t the one signing for both parties. (I think HelloSign has a great API you can use)

Let me know if you’d like more details or context around any of these.

Thank you!

I like a lot of KennyLange’s ideas. 


On an entirely greedy note, I am looking forward to the formal quarterly review option you guys are about to have. (my company does formal quarterlies and my teams are coming up in a few weeks).