Q4 Roadmap

  • 6 November 2020
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We are looking to launch some great features in Q4, and excited to hear your feedback! 


In Ninety.io, we will release:

  • Print the full Accountability Chart on one page
  • Ability for multiple people to join a meeting, see real time updates and vote on issues.
  • Change the color of the orange across Ninety to match your brand
  • Daily email with customizable days/times with your current To-dos, Rocks, and Milestones as a reminder.
  • Varying Goals on the Scorecard
  • Forecast Goals for the upcoming year
  • Pay for multiple companies at one time - great if you are in multiple accounts!
  • Beta only: A new People Analyzer tab to review anyone from the directory, and a Feedback Only user at a discounted price for users that only need access to the Feedback area.
  • HR Admin position to give a user view all access to Feedback.
  • Printing Updates to VTO, Quarterly Export, Scorecard, and Rocks Page.


ToolsHub.ai will launch Dashboard to the full Ninety.io user base, and also release:

  • Additional “Trailing 4 weeks” and “Trailing 13 weeks” options on time frame.
  • Rocks Status, To-dos Status and Measurables status all adding Stacked Bar Chart and Grouped bar chart.
  • Meeting Charts: Viewing L10 scores over time and Quarterly/Annual Session scores over time.
  • Radial Chart option for the Org Checkup
  • A unique EOSI Dashboard for an Implementer to see data across all accounts they are a part of.
  • Feedback Charts to view LMA, RPRS, and Conversation completion data.
  • AC Charts to view seat performance based on measurables attached, and #of levels, teams and % of users to people.
  • Issues Word Cloud
  • Add “Behind” as a status option on Rocks settings to see when a rock has past due milestones. 


Let us know what you think! Always excited to collect more user feedback!

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