What guides us? Our SMaC.

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What is SMaC?

SMaC, Jim Collin’s term meaning Specific, Methodical and Consistent, is a set of durable operating practices that creates a replicable, consistent success formula. A solid SMaC recipe is the operating code for turning strategic concepts into reality, a set of practices more enduring than mere tactics.

It’s like the U.S. Constitution, both durable and practical, yet also amendable.



Our SMaC Recipe

The following SMaC complements our V/TO 

  • Rule of 80%

    • 80% interested: We build products that appeal to 80% of our target market / “Ideal Clients” (demo, geo, psycho as per V/PX)

    • 80% Solutions:  We don’t build perfect products.  We go to market when we address 80% of the identified needs

    • 80%+ Feature Sets: We won’t add / build features that only appeal to a small subset of our Ideal Clients

    • 80% delighted: We are laser focused on creating Great Product for 80% of our Ideal Clients (i.e., if we have 100 clients we want the middle 80% to love our products and services) 

  • Every product, service and market needs: 1) an owner / champion, 2) a Dedicated Dev Team, 3) a P&L, and 4) to generate a reasonable risk adjusted return on equity

  • We eat our own cooking (i.e., we don’t build products or services that we don’t need / use ourselves)

  • We are a market focused company: Products and services come and go, our Mission is to dramatically elevate the productivity and humanity of small and mid-sized companies.  (PKA: help entrepreneurs build great companies and help people optimize their talent)

  • We are a value focused company: we don’t innovate to innovate, we don’t provide services to be the greatest service provider, we aren’t here to create some exclusive product or service so we can hang out with super cool people.  We provide great value: products and services that provide value substantially beyond the cost our clients pay.

  • We don’t need to build every BBAT. When we do partner, we will do so as a curator and take responsibility for ensuring that the entire offering is amazing. We will only partner with other companies if:

    • They are in a better position than we are to create great product

    • They our good cultural matches

    • They’re products work seamlessly with ours

    • They care about our Ideal Client almost as much as we do (e.g., not focused on larger enterprises)

    • A relationship will not expose us to an unacceptable risk

  • Great News every 30 days. Every thirty days, every team, must release a great new feature or app.  We need to constantly be exciting our clients with Great Product.


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