What has been the biggest struggle during implementing EOS?

  • 14 May 2020
  • 3 replies

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What has everyone experienced?


Is it getting people in the right seats? 

Sticking to Rocks?

Setting up effective quarterly sessions?

Cascading EOS to more teams?


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3 replies

  • It took us about a year to feel really good about our scorecard, and now with the pandemic, we’re considering adjusting it (at least temporarily). 
  • Rocks have been our biggest challenge - trying to fit them in on top of everything else we’re already doing. Also, when we started they were boulder size (and are probably still larger than they need to be). We cannot take on 5-7, it’s been more like 1-3 lately. 
  • Getting our visionary to be fully onboard has been tough and has taken quite a while. I’m so thrilled you offer a group for them too. 



Our biggest issue has been creating solid initial Scorecards with data that can be gathered each week.

We are just in our beginning stages. We had our 90 minute meeting with a certified implementer, but chose to try self implementing.  Our focus day is scheduled October 8th and I am excited to start the program. I read Traction about a year ago and have tried preparing for things like the score card, level 10 meetings, etc…  I have to agree even on just a departmental level trying to figure out what numbers give us the best pulse on our department has been difficult, then also it has brought out issues with the reporting and have taken a lot of time to work out the bugs.