Core Values feedback?

  • 5 June 2020
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We’re struggling to identify which of our core values may be permission to play and I would appreciate some feedback. 


Original values:

Emanate Positivity

Build a Community; Work as a Team

Be Communicative and Responsive

Build Trust Through Reliability

Ensure the Quality of Every Detail

Embrace Challenge:  Innovate, Create, & Grow


Draft values after VB1 (not wordsmithed):

Good communicattion

Relationship builder


Innovative nature, takes on challenges

Can-do attitude/positive/helpful/friendly





I welcome any thoughts and feedback. Thank you!

1 reply

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Hi Pauline!  I’m no expert but the first thing I notice is that if you want to follow the pure EOS model, you’ll need to pare (keep/kill/combine) your core values down to 3 to 7.  Thinking about Lencioni’s definition of a “Permission-to-play” value (reflects the minimum behavioral and social standards required of any employee), perhaps “Reliable/Dependable/Disciplined” would fall into that camp.  However, I will add that one of my companies held “Honesty & Integrity” as a core value even after running it through the permission-to-play trap/filter.  This was because in my industry, where we handle millions of dollars in client postage money, there had been too many examples of fraud--we wanted to assure our customers that we were totally committed to higher values.